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Bitcoin Policy Institute Submits Response to US Treasury Department on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

What are the implications of development and adoption of bitcoin for United States consumers, investors, businesses, and for equitable economic growth?

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As part of the President's executive order, the US Department of Treasury requested comments from the public on ensuring the responsible development of digital assets. We were pleased to submit this report.

BPI has conducted research on bitcoin's role in U.S. competitiveness, national security, and mining and energy. In addition, BPI has researched in great detail what we describe as “The Future of Money” — an exploration of the various ways that public and private monies interoperate, along with the tradeoffs that exist within each method of value transfer. Through that framework, this report focuses on the benefits of bitcoin as an open monetary network and highlights the role it plays in creating a more financially inclusive society. We conclude with broad recommendations for the Treasury Department to consider as it explores how to interact with bitcoin in the coming years.