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Digital Currencies & Strategic Competition

Join us at the National Press Club on September 27.

On September 27th the Bitcoin Policy Institute and the Cornell Brooks Tech Policy Institute are hosting a panel discussion on digital currencies and global strategic competition. This in-person event will be held at the National Press Club, where expert panelists will examine the role of cryptocurrencies in the context of Western sanctions, US-China competition, and digital authoritarianism. To register, click here.


Sarah Kreps (Professor and Director of the Tech Policy Institute, Cornell University)

Matthew Pines (Director of Intelligence, Krebs Stamos Group)

Chris Meserole (Director, Brookings Institution Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies Initiative)

Moderator: Daniel Flatley (National Security Reporter, Bloomberg)


Sanctions and Aid: Are digital currencies playing a greater role in sanctions evasion and financial aid? What lessons can we learn from the Russia-Ukraine war?

US-China Competition: How will the proliferation of digital currencies impact US-China techno-industrial competition? Do Central Bank Digital Currencies pose a security challenge to the US?

Digital Authoritarianism and Activism: How are authoritarian regimes using digital technologies to control their domestic populations? How are dissidents in authoritarian regimes using digital technologies to fight back?